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How to Identify the Best Merchants for Subwoofers for Cars

Despite the proliferation of online retailers in nearly every niche, many car audio enthusiasts are still resistant to making the jump from the brick-and-mortar establishments they’ve become accustomed to. It’s an understandable apprehension! Making transactions in person allows you to seek information from professionals, show them what you’re working with, in your vehicle directly, and generally have a more personal experience than you can get online. However, the online experience has improved dramatically in its own ways, and while it’s something like comparing apples to oranges, its unique advantages outweigh the drawbacks.



Above everything else, online emporiums like AVLeaderz can provide variety on an unprecedented scale. No matter what make, model, or year you are looking for, whether you’re looking for subwoofers for cars or speakers for trucks, online suppliers have the ability to get nearly anything. While in-person stores may be able to find something that will ‘just work’, doing the research and seeking out the precise unit desired is feasible online.


This raises concerns among some about shipping. Historically, the biggest disadvantage of shopping online has been paying for shipping, which in some cases can cost more than an individual product. However, this is not the case since eCommerce has gotten as much if not more momentum than brick-and-mortar shops. While subwoofers for cars are not the smallest packages to ship, for instance, some merchants like AVLeaderz are able to offer free shipping on their products.


Warranties are another factor that have made the push into online sources. While they used to be a draw exclusive to local businesses, often little more than a social contract, they’ve since become standard fare online. As a matter of fact, it should be treated as a warning sign if a business does not offer a warranty for their products, preferably one with no questions asked to account for issues with compatibility. Any business that isn’t capable of offering these should be questioned on the rest of their promises as well.


Lastly, shopping for subwoofers for cars should be easy. An online retailer should provide an experience just as simple as speaking to a professional and asking for what you need. If you aren’t given access to an easy search process and a rich selection of options, you should ask why a merchant isn’t capable of offering it.


These are by no means the only factors that distinguish an online retailer among their competitors, and they by no means devalue physical locations entirely. However, there are many advantages of online retailers that have been overlooked simply because they haven’t been featured in the past. If you have doubts about your online options, be sure to evaluate what they actually have to offer. You might be surprised to find your needs fulfilled with greater ease than you anticipated, and if you have any doubts about your local options, you have literally nothing to lose!


Whether you’re looking for subwoofers for cars or another piece of audio equipment for your vehicle, head on over to AVLeaderz.com. With a large amount of inventory in stock, you are sure to find what you need to improve the quality of your car audio system.

Want a Good Car Amplifier Price? Look No Further than AVLeaderz

Is your car’s stereo system keeping you from enjoying your favorite songs while you are driving? Then it sounds like it is time for you to do a little shopping for a new amplifier that can pick up the slack. Before you begin this search, you will want to read this post for help finding a car amplifier price that is not taking you to the cleaners.



It is pretty rare these days to meet someone who does not enjoy listening to music or a podcast while driving. They make a long road trip feel shorter and more enjoyable and a solo ride seem less lonely. However, even the biggest of music lovers will grow tired of a car audio system that struggles to be heard over the sounds of the air conditioning or other cars. Not every song is naturally loud, so having a weak audio system will definitely hinder how you enjoy acoustic or softer tunes. The point of music, after all, is to be enjoyed which is pretty hard to do when your car’s audio routinely lets you down.


Today’s technology is far too advanced for people to settle for anything less than crystal clear audio. Many people assume the only solution to their audio woes is to go out and replace their current speakers or subwoofers with brand new ones. New subs certainly carry their own advantages, but more often than not, the root of your audio problem is not with the speakers, but with what is powering them. This is where an amplifier comes in, as it can add more power to even the most basic of speakers, saving you from the hassle of replacing each and every speaker in your car. Many of the most popular musicians in the world depend on a good amplifier to make their instruments sound their best, and adding an amplifier can provide a similar benefit to your car’s speakers.


While some amplifiers come at a steep price, it is still easy to find a car amplifier price that fits into your budget and provides the benefits you want. The key to finding the best amplifier in your price range is knowing where to look and which vendors are the most reliable. We are fortunate enough to be alive at a time where finding the right products at competitive prices is easier than ever. Online retailers are popping up every day offering fairer prices and a larger selection than you are likely to find in stores. Some sellers like AVLeaderz provide shoppers a chance to get amplifiers or subs from some of the best brands on the market at a fair cost that is too good to pass up.


Go check out AVLeaderz.com to find a car amplifier price that fits perfectly into your budget. You can also speak to any of their well-trained experts by calling (866) 859-0896. Treat your beloved car to a much-deserved upgrade, while letting your eardrums listen to your favorite songs at the best quality they have ever heard.

Why You Should Add a Car Amplifier to Your Sound System

Part of the thrills of the open road can be driving with the windows down and the music up. If you really want your music to be loud and pumping through your vehicle, an amplifier is just what you need.


There are many reasons to get an amplifier for your sound system. It can certainly bring more vibrancy, life, and excitement to the audio in your car. Today, we will review a few reasons to get a car amplifier for your vehicle.


Sound Quality - An amplifier is going to give you a much cleaner sound with a power source that can power your speakers without straining. Built-in amplifiers are limited to space restrictions while an external amplifier is not limited to the space available and can be designed in different ways to give you a cleaner and more defined sound.



More Power - If you want to upgrade your speakers, a built-in factory amplifier will not provide the right amount of power. Getting the best car amplifier can give you the power capabilities to reach top performance level on speakers.


Subwoofers - If you have a subwoofer, it needs a lot of power to function, far more than a built-in receiver is capable of providing. This makes an amplifier necessary to even use a subwoofer in your vehicle.


An amplifier is essential to getting great audio quality in your car. You could have the best speaker system around, but you won’t be able to enhance the quality without more power. You may need to have an understanding of how power works with speakers and the maximum capabilities at which car speakers and an amplifier can perform, but the difference in sound quality will make such a difference, you will wonder why you didn’t get an amplifier sooner.


AVLeaderz is your source for the best car amplifiers, available in different styles with multiple settings from monoblock to 2-channel, 3-channel, 4-channel, and 5-channel to distribute power evenly so you get the highest quality sound possible. With brands like Alpine, Hifonics, Ignite, JL Audio and more, there is a tremendous selection of models to best fit your vehicle and your speakers to deliver great audio.


AVLeaderz has amplifiers, speakers, subwoofers and so much more for car audio that can fit any budget. If you think it costs an arm and a leg to get the best sound quality from top audio equipment, think again.


Founded in 2000 and located in the capital of California, Sacramento, AVLeaderz operates with the goal of being the premier destination for electronics enthusiasts. There is a passion for everything electronic from car audio to personal audio, GPS, navigation, and even security so that you can find the most affordable and effective solutions for all of your vehicle electronic needs. In addition, you get great customers service and expertise when you work with the enthusiasts at AVLeaderz.


So if you are looking for the best car amplifier or any other audio device or electronic for your car, turn to AVLeaderz for the answer and the best option to fit your needs.

What To Look For to Get the Best Car Stereo Speakers for Your Vehicle

There’s nothing like the experience of driving a great car. You have the hand on your wheel with complete control as you cruise through highways. You know what makes it even better? The sound system. Being able to blast your favorite tunes through your car speakers and feel the vibration of each beat contributes a feeling of catharsis throughout your travels. There are so many different options to choose from when it comes to finding the best car stereo speakers for your vehicle. Take a look at some of the options so that you can fully enjoy your listening experience during your next big ride.



For starters, how much power can your car handle? You don’t want to just go off and buy speakers because they look nice or will sound great. If they don’t match properly with your car’s system, you’ve wasted a good investment! Make sure your car’s external amps match what the speaker needs. After you’ve found that match, your selection process becomes much easier.


There are two main types of speakers you’ll look at when exploring options for your next speaker purchase: component and full range speakers. With the full range speaker, you’ll have all of the main parts of a speaker you need already included, such as woofers, tweeters, and the midrange. This makes for an easier installation, which will quickly lead you to an enjoyable listening experience.


Component speakers are much more customizable. They may not come with most of the included drivers that a full range speaker may have. As a result, however, you’re free to mix and match different drivers and mount them differently to create a more personalized sound. Some have compared using component speakers to listening to a live concert.


Let’s get to fun stuff that really makes your speakers stand out. While there are many different materials on the stereo speaker market, you’ll find that two of the most popular are tweeters and subwoofers. Subwoofers are an ideal option for those that like emphasis on the low end when listening to music. The material is usually quite light and made out of items such as film. The stiffer the material is, the more low end sound you’ll be able to get out of the speaker. Tweeters have a snappier sound to it that give the speakers a more crisp sound. Materials for tweeters usually consist of graphite or ceramics. There are so many diverse options to choose from when looking for the speaker that best suits your car and listening preferences, so be sure to do your research to get the best one for you.


AVLeaderz is a proud distributor of some of the best car stereo speakers available on the market. We’d like nothing more than to help you with your next selection coming up. Give yourself or your loved ones the gift of a great listening experience when they make their drive, whether it’s across town or across the country. With any purchase, you’ll receive free two to three day shipping!


For any questions you may need answered, contact us at support@avleaderz.com, and we’ll get back to you as soon as possible.

Where to Find a Great Car Stereo Price

There are two things everyone looks for this time of year when doing their holiday shopping: the perfect gift for the important people in their lives and a great price for their bank account. When it comes to products and accessories for your vehicle, it can be hard to find high quality at affordable prices. With AVLeaderz, however, you can find great car stereo prices without sacrificing the quality of the gift.



Driving can at times be a monotonous event. Often times, we find ourselves stuck in traffic or on long trips by ourselves, so it helps to have something to take our minds off of it. Most people turn to the sweet sound of music in these situations because it is a great way to distract ourselves without taking our attention off the road in front of us. A great car stereo system allows a person to enjoy their favorite songs, radio talk shows, or podcasts at the highest quality. While a new system might not be the cheapest gift you buy this season, it is still a smart investment that will not break down quickly as a cheap model would. Knowing the best places to shop for new car speakers and stereo systems will also help you find a car stereo price you won’t be able to pass up.


When I think of high-quality stereo systems at a great price, my mind immediately goes to AVLeaderz, an online supplier of some of the top quality products for your vehicle. With products from big brands like Sony, JL Audio, and Alpine, you can easily find the quality you are looking for at the prices you will love. For example, you can get a Sony stereo from AVLeaderz with a built-in TomTom navigation with free shipping and no minimum-spending requirement. There is also no requirement to sign up for a membership that will end up bombarding your inbox with emails you will never read. With fast shipping and a full manufacturers warranty, AVLeaderz is an authorized dealer with the best service.


AVLeaderz sells stereos of all shapes and sizes from a variety of different reputable brands so you can find the best fit for your car or truck. You can also find the necessary cables and other various accessories to maximize your listening experience without having to search multiple sites or even leave your house. Aside from our car audio, video and GPS, we also have car security and safety, products for specialty vehicles, professional audio equipment, personal audio equipment and more. For a one-stop shop for all of your car radio, car video, and safety products, head on over to AVLeaderz.com. Their easy to use website will help you find exactly what you are looking for without wasting any extra time, energy, or money.


For more information about their car stereo prices, or for help trying to determine what you need to create the best listening experience in your vehicle, contact AVLeaderz by phone at 866-859-0896 or email them at support@avleaderz.com.

What You Should Look for in a Car Speakers System

We all have that vision of driving around with the windows down, the wind blowing past and the music turned up loud. It takes a great speaker system to get that kind of audio in your car.


How can you be sure you are getting the best audio in your speaker system or buying a system that will give you the results you want? Today, we will look at some of the qualities you should look for in a car speakers system.



You don’t have to be overly technical to identify the two major areas to note about your speakers. The quality is in the sensitivity and ability to handle power.


The sensitivity measures the amount of sound that comes from a speaker when power is applied. As long as your speakers are powered properly, you will get quality sound that you desire.


In relation, the power-handling ability of a speaker is how much power and wattage a speaker is capable of handling. A low-powered system will not be able to handle much power. But a system that has powerful external amplifiers need speakers that can handle the same power that the amps can.


Once you understand how you can measure these areas, you need to know what kind of speakers you want to have in your vehicle. There are two main categories for this, full-range and component.


Full-range speakers have all parts contained to one unit. Usually a full-range system includes a woofer, a tweeter, and possibly a midrange or supertweeter to balance out the sounds. These speakers are oftentimes a good option if you are replacing factory speakers, since many of them can mount and fit into the same location as factory speakers.


Component speakers are made with superior design and built to give off great sound quality. These speaker systems usually include separate woofers, tweeters and other crossovers to bring all of the sound together into one, creating a truly dynamic sound experience.


Whatever you decide, know that you can find any car speakers system, parts, or replacement pieces at AVLeaderz. AVLeaderz was founded in 2000 and is headquartered in Sacramento and is the premiere destination for all things in consumer electronics. The staff at AVLeaderz is knowledgeable, willing to help, and experienced with these products to provide the best information and insight for updating or installing a new speaker system in your vehicle today.


With added benefits like free 2-3 day shipping, 60-day return and free tech support for any issues, you can see how the staff at AVLeaderz is willing to go the extra mile to keep customers satisfied and enjoying their products. Customers can contact AVLeaderz for support seven days a week from 6 a.m. to 10 p.m. PST by calling 866-859-0896. With honest advice and always a competitive option for any product you may need, AVLeaderz is the place to go for consumer electronics. So start shopping for a new car speakers system or other electronics with AVLeaderz, today!

Why You Should Add a Car Amplifier to Your Vehicle

When you hear the word amplifier, you think about rock concerts, loud guitars and head-banging music. Many people think that having an amplifier in your car means trying to enhance the volume of the sound in your car, but it has many other benefits to improving the sound.


Today, we will look at some of those benefits and help you find the best place to get a car amplifier for sale.


Adding an amplifier gives the audio in your vehicle a bass boost for sure. That’s to be expected. However, having an amplifier in your car can also improve the overall sound quality to provide a cleaner sound, deliver with more power, and perform better overall.



You can replace or upgrade many parts of your sound system within your car and think it is having an impact, but you won’t get that perfect sound quality from your car audio system without turning to the speakers and amplifiers.


A good amplifier that performs with quality will be able to control the speakers, meaning that the sound is played back as it was intended. If there is reverb on the vocals, you will hear it. You can also pick out instrumentation individually and hear specific parts of a song with much more clarity. An amplifier will give you the right control so that the clarity of the speakers is perfect and an amp has the power behind it to keep the speakers going.


Obviously, adding an amplifier will increase the volume of your sound, but that is more of an additional benefit than the primary. Better amplifiers can help improve the audio signal or power a car stereo subwoofer so you can get the most out of your car speakers.


Now that you know some of the benefits of having an amplifier, where can you find a good car amplifier for sale? Look no further than the selection at AVLeaderz.


AVLeaderz is a leader in providing car accessories, ranging from audio and video to safety and security. Headquartered in the capital of California, Sacramento, AVLeaderz works with the goal to be a premier shopping spot for consumer electronics.


With a wide range of car amplifiers for sale including Monoblock, 2-Channel, 3-Channel and more, truly make any trip in your vehicle an experience with the high-quality performance and capabilities of a car amplifier. AVLeaderz has everything you need to get set up so you can hit the road and enjoy the sounds of your new amplifier and speaker system.


Since their founding in 2000, AVLeaderz has become one of the most recognizable choices for electronics enthusiasts around the world. With a philosophy geared to providing honest advice and competitive pricing, they truly go the extra mile to satisfy customers. Everything is done with customers in mind, looking for the best solution at the best price all while maintaining the same service and expertise that you come to expect.


Start shopping with AVLeaderz today and find the perfect car amplifier for you. You are sure to take the audio quality within your vehicle to another level with the quality products offered at AVLeaderz.

Find the Best Car Audio Subwoofer in Your Price Range at AVLeaderz

Imagine this: it’s a sunny day and you and some of your friends are cruising down the highway, bumping your favorite hits. Everyone is having a great time singing along when, all of a sudden, your subwoofer goes out, and it takes the good time everyone was having with it. Whether you like it or not, the time has come for a new subwoofer. Let’s look at the bright side; you now have a chance to upgrade to the best car audio subwoofer that you can afford.



Whether it is because of misfortune like the scenario above, or because you just feel like treating yourself to an upgraded system, the time will eventually come when you need a new subwoofer for your car. Hey, you got to bump that bass somehow, am I right? Some people see a new subwoofer as the best gift they can receive from friends or family, while others view it as an expense they would rather not have to make any time soon. Whichever side of the coin you happen to fall on, there is absolutely no reason you should have to sweat the cost of a high-quality audio car speaker.


The most difficult part of searching for the best car subwoofer is knowing where to look for the best deals. Most shops know how much of a necessity a great subwoofer is, so they see very little reason to offer a reduced price. This is why the best place to do your shopping is online, where a seemingly endless number of suppliers are competing to get you the fairest price. Just the other day I was on AVLeaderz.com and found a new 10-inch Polk Audio MM1042DVC that would normally cost around $180 for just $119. It came with all the features I was looking for: vented pole and basket to increase cooling, a 1-year manufacturer’s warranty in case anything bad were to happen, and a built-in fuse that provides extra protection for my whole sound system. AVLeaderz even gives you 60 days to return any product in the off chance you don’t like your purchase. I also didn’t have to pay a cent in shipping, and they don’t require a minimum spending amount or membership to enjoy the gift of free shipping.


I was shocked at how easy and affordable it was to find the best car audio subwoofer for my ride. It feels good to be able to crank up the bass of my favorite songs without losing any sound quality now that I have a new subwoofer that I know is up to the challenge. If you are interested in finding high-quality subwoofers from the best brands like Polk or JL Audio all at affordable prices, then I recommend checking out AVLeaderz.com. They also offer great subwoofer options for boats, AVs, and motorcycles so you can enjoy high-quality audio on any ride. It is definitely the best site for anyone who cares about the quality of their sound system and wants the best for their ride.

Look to AVLeaderz for the Best Car Subwoofers for Sale

AVLeaderz takes pride as a premier shopping destination for all your audio needs. Our ability to provide the best customer service and help customers find the best quality car audio products at unbeatable prices has allowed us to become an industry leader and be at the forefront of the industry. One example of the best quality at unbeatable prices is our car subwoofers for sale. AVLeaderz offers subwoofers from the industry’s most in demand names including Alpine, JL Audio, Kicker, Polk Audio and Sony. We work with each brand to always provide the best price, warranty, customer service and fastest shipping.



One of our featured car subwoofers for sale is the Polk Audio DB Series DB1242DVC. This subwoofer is made for both vehicle and marine application with the flexibility of using it with a sealed or ported enclosure. Always remember that at AVLeaderz we offer a free ported subwoofer enclosure with select subwoofers.


One subwoofer packages are always the best option when building a complete system. When putting together these packages, our staff picks the best products that will complement each other and provide the best listening experience. We have packages to fit any budget range and have options in a variety of styles and sizes that you can choose the best one for your needs and have the best listening experience with the high quality subwoofers from AVLeaderz.


The general topics that we consider when building packages are:
• Choosing a subwoofer that will work with the enclosure we have paired it with
• Picking an amplifier that will allow the subwoofer to perform at its peak without overpowering it
• Adding an amplifier install kit that assures the amplifier will be able to get a consistent flow of power


Another one of our top subwoofers for sale is the Kicker 11HS8. One of the industry’s best options, the 11HS8 is a compact option for all those vehicles where space is an issue. A fully enclosed active 8” subwoofer gives you what your system is lacking. Without overpowering a factory system, the 11HS8 allows for the addition of bass where the factory system is lacking.


Remember, all orders ship free with over 95% shipping at 2 Days standard with no additional charges and no memberships needed. Order a car subwoofer for sale from AVLeaderz to improve the listening experience during your commute and when shopping find an amp that best fits your needs. Feeling on the edge and unsure if the options you chose will be right for your vehicle? We offer a 60-day satisfaction guarantee. If you are unsatisfied with your product or it does not meet your requirements, we are here to help. Contact us via email at support@avleaderz.com or by phone at 866-859-0896. Don’t forget, AVLeaderz also offers free tech support for all your questions. Our call center is open from 8 AM to 8 PM Monday through Friday Pacific time. Visit us online today; we’re always here and happy to help!